Do You Have The Trust Advantage?

The Remodeling Industry is Changing – are You Prepared?

Do You Know the New Customer Requirements?

Are You Prepared…

From free smart-phone apps (check out joistapp) to help you better manage your business to challenges in finding good, reliable, skilled labor – the Remodeling Industry is changing. Your prospective customer is changing too: they are more likely to find and/or investigate you on the internet. How will this affect your traditional referral business? With reviews (both good and bad) now widely available (yes, the internet is written in ink), how will you establish trust and credibility that you are the right contractor for their job?

Do Your Prospective Customers Trust You?

The Federal Trade Commission reports that the Remodeling Industry has some of the highest (and most costly) complaints. The #1 complaint: Remodeling Contractors don’t always finish the job. The #2 complaint: Remodeling Contractors take the deposit and never start the job. How do you, the good contractor, compete in this negatively charged environment?

The New Requirements: Third Party Guarantees

It seems everywhere you look today, someone is offering a new third-party guaranty – Home Depot, Porch, Angie’s List – from a fair price to quality construction; from $1,000 to $100,000 in homeowner protection. How are you going to compete against a third-party guaranteed contractor? The only problem with most of the remodeling guarantees available in the market place is, they protect consumers from quality related issues. But the Federal Trade Commission reports that complaints about quality are far down the list. None of these guarantees addresses the first two (and most costly) complaints: starting the job & finishing the job.

CMR Has Your Solution!

The Start-To-Finish Warranty™

Provide Homeowners with third-party assurance that their remodeling project investment will be protected from the moment they write their deposit check through the successful completion of their project and up to the moment your customer happily writes their final payment check. Finally, receive leads for projects where the Homeowner wants the Start-To-Finish Warranty™ from CMR Companies.

Establish Immediate Credibility

Assure your customers that CMR is backing you because you’ve earned it (you’ve been vetted for Character, Capacity, and Capital), and that your project will be completed for the contracted price (including any authorized change orders), in a timely manner, and up to NAHB Construction Industry Performance Guidelines.

Get the Trust Advantage

Apply now to become a CMR Qualified Contractor – stand out from the crowd – protect your customer’s remodeling investment with the Start-To-Finish Warranty™ (only available when hiring a CMR Qualified Contractor!), compete more effectively and successfully (close more sales) in this changing industry, and help improve confidence in the remodeling process.