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  • Significantly Increase your Customer Satisfaction and Provide Peace of Mind
  • Expand, Increase, & Improve your Referral Business
  • Have 3rd Party Validation that You Are One of the Good Guys
  • Clearly Demonstrate that You are Different a Great Sales Advantage & Tool!
  • Increase Your Closing Rate
  • Increase Your Revenue
  • Enjoy CMR’s Free Friendly Mediation – Resolve Disputes Promptly and Fairly
  • Use of Binding Arbitration in lieu of Litigation
  • Opportunities to Participate in Business Management, Marketing, and Sales Training


The Start-To-Finish Warranty™ (Warranty) is available to CMR Qualified Contractors performing all types and sizes of home improvement and residential remodeling projects.

The Warranty is a third-party backed warranty assuring the project will be completed on time and according to the original contract (including any approved change orders), regardless of issues that may develop between the contractor and homeowner.

The Warranty is provided to the homeowner as an added value of working with a CMR Qualified Contractor.

The Warranty is a new service created by CMR (see following websites: – for homeowners and – for contractors).

A CMR Qualified Contractor is a contractor who has undergone the CMR vetting process measuring Character, Capacity and Capital, and who adheres to high construction standards (NAHB’s Residential Construction Industry Performance Guidelines).

CMR Qualified Contractors are authorized to provide the Start-To-Finish Warranty™ to customers – Homeowners can only obtain the Warranty by hiring and working with a CMR Qualified Contractor.

CMR Companies assures your customer that their project will be completed in a timely manner and according to the original contract, and their investment will be protected regardless of what happens to you, the CMR Qualified Contractor. If you are hit by a bus, contract a debilitating illness, suffer financially, or encounter any other adverse situation that would make it impossible for you to finish a job, CMR will provide a new CMR Qualified Contractor to complete the job for the customer for no more than the contracted price (including approved change orders).

You don’t necessarily need the Warranty, but your homeowners want it. The Start-To-Finish Warranty™ distinguishes you from your competition. As a CMR Qualified Contractor, your reputation, references and quality of work are guaranteed, making you the undisputed choice for prospective homeowners.
Today’s homeowners are shopping on line for the right contractor to hire and find the usual offers from Angie’s List, Porch, and others. What can you offer that they can’t? The answer is the Start-To-Finish Warranty™.

Application fee and program fees are found in our introductory letter. Discounted rates are available for NAHB Members where local/state HBAs enter into an affinity agreement with CMR Companies.