How it Works

And why it’s better for you

CMR Companies’ mission is to transform the Remodeling Industry; to improve the remodeling experience for both the Homeowner and the Contractor.

CMR Companies accomplishes this mission with our CMR Qualified Contractor membership program. We provide Homeowners with ongoing third-party assurance that their remodeling projects will be completed to their satisfaction by choosing to work with CMR Qualified Contractors — those Contractors (vetted for Character, Capacity, & Capital) who can provide the Start-To-Finish Warranty™ for their Remodeling Projects, thus protecting the Homeowner’s investment!

As a result, no matter what happens on your remodeling project, with the Start-To-Finish Warranty™ included your project will be completed, for the contracted price, according to NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines, and in a timely manner even if a tragedy were to befall your chosen CMR Qualified Contractor.

CMR Companies provides the following Menu of Services for our Qualified Contractors and Homeowners:



CMR Companies focuses on three areas: Character, Capacity, & Capital. CMR Companies has developed a process and rating scale for the following:

Character – CMR Companies conducts a thorough background check on each Contractor Applicant including:

  • Credit/Bankruptcy history
  • Criminal history
  • Business history
  • Trade and Client References

Capacity – CMR Companies reviews and confirms the following:

  • Licenses & Certificates
  • Areas of Expertise and years of experience
  • Related training and education
  • Years in Business
  • BBB Rating
  • Membership in respected trade organizations (i.e. NARI, NAHB, etc.)

Capital – CMR Companies reviews the following financial information:

  • Tax Returns for the previous 2 years
  • Business cash on hand and the most current bank statements for the last two months


CMR Companies offers opportunities for Qualified Contractors to improve overall business management and their delivery of excellent customer service.  CMR Companies can provide safety compliance and business training. CMR Companies can also make available business consulting services.


CMR Companies will provide dispute mediation services. Should a dispute not be resolved in the mediation process, then CMR Companies requires both the Qualified Contractor and the Homeowner to participate in legally binding arbitration.


Should a CMR Qualified Contractor become unable to perform their contractual obligations, CMR Companies will replace the Contractor with another CMR Qualified Contractor to complete the project at no additional cost to the Homeowner – thus protecting the Homeowner’s investment.


Should the Homeowner working with a CMR Qualified Contractor choose and qualify, CMR Companies will make available financing options for their Remodeling Project, at competitive rates.